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Aztec Design Heavyweight Mexican Blanket


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These heavyweight Blankets are super vibrant and colourful.  Because they are each Handwoven on a loom in the traditional style by Mexican Artisans, no two blankets are ever the same.  They make a perfect addition to any space and are really popular with Classic Car Owners to throw over the back seat.  Great to keep around the house or in the car for picnics or trips to the beach and they can also double as a hard wearing floor rug to brighten up any indoor or outdoor area.

- Handwoven

- Acrylic / Polyester / Cotton Blend

- Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low

- Hecho en Mexico / Made in Mexico

- Length (excluding fringe) 214cm, Width 130cm

**Please note that due to natural colour variations / combinations the blankets may differ from those shown here and there may also be slight size variations as they are all Handwoven.  Thank you for your understanding if you are ordering online.