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Glow in the Dark Tie Dye TShirt - Leopard Snarl


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whilst on my journeys to the himalayan temple of Tungnath i became lost in the snowy peaks... armed with nothing more than a couple of crackers and a rusted pocket knife i attempted to survive the fearful mountain. the hours turned into days. Days turned into weeks. The period of time was unknown to me. All i could think was " i need to keep going" just as i collapsed from the hunger i saw a figure off in the distance. it was the gato de la nieve de la muerte ( the snow cat of death) ready to take me from this world...only.... it was not my time. He was here to show me back to the path of the living. So in honour to this mighty creature i give you the glow in the dark tie dye tshirt. So even in the darkness you can find your way!

Made with 100% cotton