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      When shopping for women’s clothing online, it is important to take accurate measurements of your body and compare them to the size chart provided by our store. Be sure to measure your bust, waist, and hips, as well as your inseam (for pants) to get the most accurate fit. Additionally, you should read customer reviews to determine if the sizing runs small, large, or true-to-size.

      The best way to find the best fitting clothes for you is to try on a variety of different styles, sizes, and cuts. It’s also important to make sure that you have your measurements taken by a professional tailor or clothing store before you shop, so you know what size to look for. Additionally, take note of any features that you like or dislike in clothing you’ve tried on in the past, so you can narrow down your choices. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a sales associate who can offer advice on fit and style.

      1. Statement Sleeves: Look for blouses and tops with exaggerated, voluminous sleeves for a dramatic and fashionable look.

      2. Floral Prints: Add a feminine touch to any look with a floral print dress, skirt or top.

      3. Colorful Co-ords: Make a statement with a matching two-piece set in a bold color.

      4. Athleisure: Combine comfort and style with pieces like hoodies, joggers and sneakers.

      5. Polka Dots: This classic pattern is making a comeback! Look for dresses, tops and skirts in this timeless print.

      This season, popular colors for women's clothing include pastels, jewel tones, and muted neutrals. Popular colors include lavender, pink, mint green, mauve, olive green, blush, mustard yellow, taupe, and beige.

      Yes, there is help available if you have questions while shopping. Our customer service team can provide assistance and answer any questions that you may have.